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Beautiful Hardwood Flooring in Winnipeg

The luxury and sophistication of hardwood is unmatched by any other flooring type. Thus, if you’re looking to create a truly distinct space, hardwood is the way to go. At Exclusive Carpets in Winnipeg, we stock a wide range of hardwood varieties—everything from oak to walnut to exotic choices like Brazilian teak and finishes from natural to chocolate brown and everything in between. We also carry sustainable options like bamboo. Stop by our showroom today to start exploring hardwood flooring.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

Works for Every Style

The rich tones and timeless charm of hardwood flooring will suit your home, whether you want a traditional look or you are trying to give out a contemporary vibe to your space.

Easy Maintenance and Cleanliness

Hardwood has a texture and shine that makes its upkeep simple and effortless. You can easily clean and maintain the flooring without it losing its charm.

High Durability

If you buy hardwood from reliable vendors who ensure it is made of high-quality materials, then you can be assured that your floors are going to last and maintain their shine for a long period of time.

hardwood flooring

Wide Usage

In contrast to other alternatives, a hardwood floor - regardless of whether it is oak, maple or intriguing wood - can adjust itself to a huge number of colours and styles. With alternatives in development, hardwood can be introduced in basically any room, including cellars and over cement.

The Brands We Trust

We carry the following brands to provide our valuable clients with the best hardwood options:

beaulieu canada

Charming Hardwood Floors

Confused about the type of hardwood that will suit your home?


Good Quality Carpets

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