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Professional Flooring Installation in Winnipeg

So, you have picked up a gorgeous tile design, hardwood floor style, or other flooring design to uplift the look of your property. However, installation is far beyond a simply DIY job. Flooring installation involves a lot to take care of, and not knowing the right process can end in a disaster or costly damages. Exclusive Carpets 2008 Ltd. has a team of professional installers in Winnipeg who will make sure your chosen flooring is correctly installed so you can begin enjoying it right away — and for years and years to come. Once you choose to have us install your flooring, we’ll send a staff member to your home to take measurements and provide you with a service estimate, completely free of charge. All of our installations are backed by a 1-year warranty, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Successful Installation Involves Several Small Jobs Done Right

Once you have selected the material of your choice, we can take the necessary details and make arrangements to install your flooring. We will discuss the specific requirements, if any, with you and will proceed with the job only after your approval. Our team is well-trained and experienced and will make sure that you do not have any issue after the flooring installation is completed. 

If you have any concerns pertaining to flooring installation after the process is completed, you can talk to the installer immediately. This will help the installer correct the problem immediately and will also make sure you are satisfied with our services.

Carpet Installation

Preparing for Floor Installation

To make sure that we give you one of the best installation services, you can help us with the following:


 Make sure that you are home during the installation process, as there might be some last-minute decisions to take.
 Keep children and pets safe during the installation procedure.
 It will be better if the installation area is clutter-free. Please remove furniture, appliances, and plumbing fixtures, if any, from the area.
 Ask a licensed professional to disconnect and reconnect the propane and natural gas appliances before and after the flooring installation procedure.
 The flooring installation area needs to have power, proper lighting, and an optimum temperature (18 degrees Celsius/65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher).
 New flooring installation can also change the height of floors. Our team will assess these changes and, if required, will recommend you to have your doors adjusted for smooth functioning.
 Regardless of the type of floor, our team will thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sanitize the surface before laying new flooring. This will help minimize dust, allergens, mould, and mildew on the subfloors. 
For further assistance or to book an appointment, contact us.


Professional Installation Services

Our flooring experts are ready to help.


Good Quality Carpets

“Good quality carpets installation crew friendly and efficient”

Nancy G. -14/07/2020

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