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Versatile Tile and Ceramic Flooring in Winnipeg

Exclusive Carpets 2008 Ltd. is your destination to find trend-setting tile and ceramic floor coverings for your residential and commercial applications. Amongst the many inspiring hardwoods and other flooring options, ceramic and other tiles certainly stand out for their noticeably better performance. Higher density, lower porosity, amazing versatility make tiles the only material suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. With a wide assortment of designs and styles, you can even find tiles resembling popular hardwood textures or natural marbles. At our showroom in Winnepeg, we offer a huge assortment of tile materials available in appealing designs that can add an element of luxury and quality to your space.

Advantages of Tiles

There are plenty of reasons why tiles are an intelligent choice for a variety of commercial and residential applications:


Available in ceramic and porcelain, tiles are the toughest flooring options. Their hard-wearing composition make tiles resistant to scratching and chipping as well as capable of enduring heavy traffic and even heavy equipment use.

Liquid Resistance

Unlike hardwood, carpets, and other porous materials, ceramic and other tiles are highly resistant to moisture and liquid penetration. For all these characteristics, tiles are the first choice for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and commercial applications.

Tile flooring being installed

Stain Resistance

Since tiles prevent liquid penetration, the staining agents also don’t have a chance to go deeper into the material. Spills and dirt can be easily cleaned from the surface without having to worry about stains or discoloration of the surface.

Low Maintenance

The impressive stain and water-resistant quality is one of the many reasons why tiles require minimal cost and efforts to keep them in their top shape. A conventional cleaning routine is sufficient to prevent the accumulation of dust, and spills can be spot cleaned right away.

Minimal Repair Requirements

Tiles’ tough composition prevents cracking, chipping, and even damage due to physical stress. Nonetheless, gradual wear and tear or excessive impact can still break your tile. Thankfully, damaged tiles can be easily replaced. Remember to keep an extra box of the tile during installation so that colour matching doesn’t become a challenge for you.


Explore Your Ceramic & Tile Options

Enjoy low maintenance and complete peace of mind with tile floors!


Good Quality Carpets

“Good quality carpets installation crew friendly and efficient”

Nancy G. -14/07/2020

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